Fernando Pessoa
(Portuguese Poet)


I am so full of feelings
I can easily believe
I must be sentimental.
But when I mull this over,
I see it’s all in thought,
I felt nothing whatever.

All of us alive spend
One life living it,
Another, thinking it,
And the only life we have
Is split between
The true one and the false.

But which is true
And which is false
No one can explain.
And as we go on living,
The life we spend’s the one
That’s doomed to thinking.

    (1933)   In “Poems of Fernando Pessoa”


Each Day A Life

by Robert William Service

I count each day a little life,
With birth and death complete;
I cloister it from care and strife
And keep it sane and sweet.

With eager eyes I greet the morn,
Exultant as a boy,
Knowing that I am newly born
To wonder and to joy.

And when the sunset splendours wane
And ripe for rest am I,
Knowing that I will live again,
Exultantly I die.

O that all Life were but a Day
Sunny and sweet and sane!
And that at Even I might say:
“I sleep to wake again.”



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