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The decision to start a blog was moved, initially, by the intention to share notes, news and documents on economics and public finances and, sometimes poems and photos. Soon I was attracted to the latter thematic by visiting some interesting blogs devoted to writing and could not resist sharing with other souls that also have artistic sensibility. Beeing able to share thoughts, poems, things that I like makes the world a better place. It is a gift from technological innovation to communicate this way. It is a blessing of God to be alive and healthy and have a positive approach to life.

I am a Portuguese academic who has lived in England

Welcome to my blog

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  1. Interesting that you’re a transplant in England. =) Thank you for the follow and for putting up my O Holy Night. I hope to see more posts here.

    HW =)

    • anabrav diz:

      Yes, the UK is my second country and I loved living there. I have posted a small poem dedicated to my blogger-friends. Keep in touch, I
      ´ll try to dedicate more time to Loosepen and manage it properly…

      • I believe that’s the one in Spanish, which I can’t make out. I’ve forgotten most of my Spanish. :/ Thank you for posting disarmed the sun. I appreciate your enthusiastic support.


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